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Accurate Black Artists 2021
Accurate Black - Werk Zwei - Artist 2021


Denis Staupenpfuhl aka Werk Zwei is a Dj Producer and Bassist from Bielefeld Germany. Focussed on Experimental Sound Design straight Tech House Beats. Minimal and Melodic Techno to get the Deeper Vibes. He released his 1st EP on Accurate Black (ACB 001) and he is to expanding his catalog which is called the Werke Project.

Accurate Black-Werk Zwei-Werke 001-Artist 2021
Accurate Black-Graafwerk-Artist 2021


Set ourselves and glitches are sacred cause they tell the truth.

Graafwerk digs deep to bring you his music , so see you in the basement!

Graafwerk runs with CreamCream and SMOG Accurate Rec.

Accurate Black-Graafwerk-Vantablack-Artist 2021
Accurate Black-Hapro-Artist 2021


Hapro (Lucas) started listening to electronic underground music a couple of years ago.

He immediately wanted to learn how to mix tracks and short after that came producing of his own tracks.

He loves a lot of genres in Electronic Music but especially the Dannish Techno. They call it Chill Fast-Techno, there are chill melodies, fast drums and high bpm’s.

Accurate Black-Hapro-Acid Tornado-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-Otherkind-Artist 2021


Meet Otherkind,born in Iran and now based in Kuala Lumpur. A DJ, Artist and Music Producer who is currently setting KL’s underground dance floors on fire. Otherkind is a highly versatile and solid DJ. This is a guy who is prepared to take you on a wild hypnotic journey on the dance floor whatever the time of the night or early morning it is.

With over a Decade of immersion into the electronic music scene,he has an undeniable talent and a relentless work ethic, Otherkind is a name to look out for in the international music scene.

Accurate Black-Otherkind-Castle in the Sky-Artist 2021
Accurate Black-Spachtelputzz-Artist 2021


Spachtelputzz started more than a decade ago with playing at partys in Holland.

He played mainly Hardcore and Techno under his first alias Dannix.

As long as it is Music with an Underground vibe and with dedicated party people.

He makes various genres of Underground Music and Techno.

Accurate Black-Spachtelputzz-Rave Culture-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-Dimitrios V-Artist 2021


It all started in 1997 when the native Greek Dimitrios_V gave the Electronic scene in Sylt Germany a home and spinned his records in the Clubs and Hangar Parties there. 

Regular gigs in Braunschweig Clubs and the surrounding area are his great passions. 

His style, a mixture of Driving Dark Techno to Tech-House, he can put his audience in a party mood till the early hours of the morning. 

The step to production was easy to make and since then he has been making a name in the Minimal Techouse segment since 2005.

Accurate Black-Dimitrios V-Natural EP-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-Dimitrios V-Spring EP-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-HPSHT!-Artist 2021


Michel Padmos (HPSHT!) started Dee Jaying at school with cassette tapes and evolved from vinyl to Pioneer CDJj’s and went total Digital with Native Instruments Traktor S4.

The main course is and always will be the Music. He switched to producing with Ableton (Techno) and also did other genres as Breakbeat and Drum ’n Bass to enhance his skills and is still looking for the challenges in Music.

Runs Accurate Black Together with Robbi Altidore.

Accurate Black-HPSHT!-Deep Groove EP-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-Mikhai-Artist 2021


DJ and Producer Mikhai is based in Ibiza (Spain).

Started at a young age and he never sopped Fighting and Dreaming to become a good DJ and Producer.

This is hist 1st Release on Accurate Black

DJ and Producer Mikhai is based in Ibiza (Spain). Started at a young age and he never stopped fighting and dreaming to become a good Dj and producer.

This is his 1st Release on Accurate Black.

Accurate Black-Mikhai-Marmara-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-Mark Art-Artist 2021


Markus Koch (Mark Art) is a Minimal / Techno Producer and Dj From Munich (Bavaria).

Discovered his passion for Electronic Music at a young age with Dj-ing in his own hometown (Bavaria).

His focus is now on producing and occasionnally he spinns the decks.

Mark Art has a driving, creative and dynamic sound and that is his Trademark.

Listen to his releases on Accurate Black and The Urban Addicts Imprint.

Accurate Black-Mark Art-Kosmos EP-Artist 2021

Accurate Black-Robbi Altidore-Artist 2021


Dj and Producer Robbi Altidore has a variety of different Sounds and Styles : 

Minimal, Techno, Tech-House, House, Deep House, Funky Groove, Raw, Bass House, Tribal-Afro… 

Robbi is continuously improving his dj and production techniques to create high quality live sets and tracks.

He is always looking for new opportunities, 

not afraid to experiment and always delivers 200%. 

Runs Accurate Black Together with Mark Art and HPSHT!

Accurate Black-Mark Art-New Chapter EP-Artist 2021

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