Mastering Electronic Music

The Mastering of Electronic Music needs a refined approach to ensure that the kick and bass are optimized for translation to large club systems and smaller playback devices. In addition to the mid range and high range, this must be articulate and be clear without harshness. The goal is to bring out the clarity and detail in your music to allow it to reach its full potential when released. Whether you are a record label or an independent artist you will benefit from a meticulous approach to quality control before your track is released. Mastering Techno also requires special focus on the drive and rhythm to keep a forward moving hypnotic effect for your listeners.

Delivery requirements for mastering 

Submitt you Track in a 24 bit depth file (minimum) and -6dB loudness for mastering, stereo interleaved .wav or .aif file with no clipping or limiting on the master output.You can check it before and after by carefully matching the make up gain (you match this by ear, before and after volumes precisely) and switching the compressor in and out to hear if the compressor is really enhancing the sound. Please send your file at the sample rate of your DAW session/project with BPM (or Key).

Why Mastering?

– To get maximum output volume without clipping

– To create less volume and frequency peaks.

– For Volume equalizing for tracks, albums or DJ mixes.

– To get Maximum Dynamic range.

-To reach Maximum Brightness en Bass.

– To keep Maximum Stereo and Dolby.

– For Sound repair & restoration if neccesary.

– To Comply with the guidelines of Youtube, Spotify, CD production or Vinyl production.

If you would like your music mastered by Mark Art Mastering , you must follow the next 3 steps.

Step 1

Contact me for your Order and payment of your plan.

Step 2

Please check that your music is:

Labelled correctly: Artist Name – Track Name – BPM – (Key) (the purpose for mastering your track (Youtube, Spotify) or any Additional info in brackets if required.

44.1kHz or above.

24bit .WAV or above (MP3 is possible but not recommended)

Max -6dB headroom between the loudest peak of the track and 0dB.

No limiter on your master output and no clipping. No dither required on your pre-master.

If any of this sounds confusing for you or if you are unsure about something, contact us.

Step 3

Then : upload the song(s) link below.

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